Thomson Claim Services Ltd Services and Rates offers plaintiff lawyer services for clients throughout British Columbia. With offices in the Lower Mainland we can provide you with on-time professional liability claims investigations.

Province-Wide Plaintiff Lawyer Services Include: offers plaintiff services throughout British Columbia, providing you with on-time professional investigations.

We specialize in liability and past & future wage loss investigations associated with catastrophic injury losses; for example:

Professional In-Depth Liability Investigations

  • We do well to locate witnesses with limited contact information. After which we appeal to the witness’ sense of fairness, inviting the witnesses to help the injured victim by sharing their recollections & the truth of what happened. We’re also very mindful of addressing a witness’  rights & concerns.
  • We attempt to secure signed witness statements and/or diagrams when warranted. We sometimes arrange for witnesses to meet us at accident scenes, in order to add insight and/or credibility to our investigations.
  • As professionals, we investigate claims in an ethical & honest manner, being mindful of the BC Law Society’s “Code of Conduct”.
  • As experienced adjusters, we understand and address the relevant issues; for example, full compensation for catastrophic injuries may expand liability investigations to explore joint and several liability possibilities. Most importantly, we truthfully report the full picture, so all of the contentious facts are well understood.

Past & Future Wage Loss, &/or Loss of Opportunity Claims

  • We’re self-employed business people, who recognize the challenges of proving what could have been, but not for the injured victim’s injuries. The plaintiff’s loss of earnings often requires two or three references to support the plaintiff’s good character, work ethic, reliability, etc. References for victims are frequently provided by past co-workers/employees, supervisors/business partners, or customers; providing another reason for interviewing the victim’s business affiliates.
  • We’re mindful of market indicators to help prove earning opportunities in the victim’s past vocation/business.
  • We recognize the need to meet with past customers when bookkeeping records &/or past income tax records poorly document & reflect what could have been, but not for the victim’s injuries.
  • We seek to obtain signed witness statements when appropriate.


“Will Say” Statements

  • Injury claims are claims of credibility; therefore, the value of the plaintiff’s claim is contingent on knowing what witnesses “will say”. It is important to clarify what friendly and non-friendly witnesses will say in the late stages of litigation. By addressing witness concerns in the early stages, we build credibility when we need witness involvement in the latter going. Continued witness support is the best remedy for placing insurers at risk, as the strength of witnesses help persuade insurers to settle rather than litigate.
  • We forewarn witnesses of the potential for trial as the litigation dates approach; highlighting how their continued support helps a victim negotiate from a position of strength, how their being a subpoenaed witness places an insurer at risk, and how being there for the victim frequently helps the claim settle short of trial.

File Reviews

  • We add value by objectively and methodically reviewing a plaintiff lawyer’s file.
  • We anticipate defense arguments, and in doing so suggest counter measures.
  • We suggest alternative ideas to strengthen arguments concerning liability, future wage loss, future specials, and quantum in general.
  • We welcome the opportunity to discuss strategies to maximize the plaintiff’s claim.
  • We are capable of helping you prepare mediation summaries and/or organize files for trial readiness.